Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This Is What I Remember . . .

It was the summer of 1969. It was the summer of Woodstock and the beginning of the end of the Vietnam war. On July 8, just as the first round of troops were being withdrawn from Vietnam, my sister was born. My brother and I hovered around my grandma, as she talked on the phone, waiting to hear if it was a boy or girl. And twelve days later Neil Armstrong, an Ohioan like myself, spoke the words “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” as the world watched the historical moment of the first man to on the moon from their living rooms.

And that same summer on the outer fringes of Mechanicsburg, in a little brick church on Rose Dale Road, I met Jesus. Or rather He came and found me. This is what I remember almost every time I take communion. I remember that 9-year-old girl with freckles who felt so alone and misunderstood, standing among Vacation Bible School attendees, shaken by the truth of His love for me. I knew I had to go forward. It was one of those dividing moments; it was the summer of the most distinct before and after moment in my life.

When the pastor says to take a moment and listen just before we drink the cup and eat the bread, with tears in my eyes, I remember this life changing moment in 1969 when I said, “Yes” to Jesus. My heart overflows with gratitude at the realization that in this great, big world full of people, Jesus made His way into that little country church to whisper in my ear an invitation I couldn't refuse. Communion takes me back to that sweet moment; and I am still amazed He remembered me and found me. Even though He has the whole universe to manage, He came to personally invite me to follow Him into light and life and truth. This is what I remember. I am humbled as I remember, and I am eternally grateful!

There are moments which
Mark your life.
Moments that you realize
Nothing will ever be the same.
And time is divided into
Two Parts:
Before this and
After this.

When a moment comes,
You either do the right thing
Or the wrong thing.

--Joshua Naylor

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  1. Love this story, Julie! It takes me back to that era I recall so well and seems like yesterday as well as to my own acceptance of the Lord! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I am glad my remembering connected you with good memories. Bless you on the journey.

  2. 1971, the summer between 10th and 11th grade. I sat cross-legged on my bed before going to sleep. I prayed, "Jesus, if You are real like my friends tell me You are, then I want You to come into my life." And them I went to sleep. When I awoke that morning, I knew that things were different, I was different. It was a no turning back moment. I belonged to Christ.