Wednesday, March 8, 2017

There's So Much More in a Minute

My brain bounces from topic to topic trying to settle on one to write about with the intent of posting on my blog. Lacking a definitive theme leaves me a bit disconcerted; I read part of an article recently about how blogs without focus won’t sustain readership. This makes me think I am supposed to care about how many read my blog as opposed to who may be encouraged or befriended after a visit. Let me say this: I write first of all because I love to write, and this blog is a wonderful outlet. There is another reason I write. Of course I want people to read this blog but it isn’t as if I am selling something. I write so those who come here might find a sip of something cool to bring down the temperature of a tempestuous day, or choose a sweet morsel of encouragement to savor in one’s spirit, discover a soft cushion on which to relax – a place to discover they are not alone and find focus readjusted on beauty, inspiring awe and gratitude. I want this to be a beautiful gift enticing the reader to explore the mysterious relationship between God, self and the place they find themselves living this very moment.

It is in the moments we live, is it not? Whether or not I am aware of it, my life moves along with moments marching by at a steady pace. I can either find my rhythm to match those moments or time slips past without a backward glance. And if I don’t invest in these moments, I may miss something important. I have been reading a lot about rest, pausing, being present and opening up space for all that is truly important; and I am discovering the really important things happen in the small space of the sixty second moment.

There is a spark of hope lit inside leading me to believe I can somehow lure you, with a few well placed words, into following. Not following me as the writer of “Out of the Woods”, but follow me, another struggling human being, on a journey to find His presence in the ordinary space of a moment in time. The moment may be the hardest ever experienced or the most beautiful to behold, but always He is there revealing Himself to us – teaching us, transforming us and loving us. I bring you along, not so you will want to live my moments, as we often do through social media; I bring you along to inspire you to pay attention to the moments in your life.

A rather challenging task has been placed in my hands over the past several weeks. I admit that throughout the process there have been times when anxiety has had a choke hold on me and I nearly threw in the towel. The whole experience has motivated me to be more intentional about savoring moments shaken lose from an intense schedule. I have learned you have to take hold quickly or a few spare minutes will flit past like a hummingbird darting in and out for a drink at the feeder. Here are some of the ways I have delighted in the moments and made the most of my difficulties.

  • I let my senses do the work. For example, before entering my work place, I watch a hummingbird sipping from a Bird of Paradise while birds in a nearby tree sing lovely, good morning songs.
  • I gave myself to help my husband with weeding the yard after all the heavy rains. Standing back after only a few moments of weeding and enjoying cleared spaces lifts my spirit.
  • Planting new plants throughout the yard and in pots. Just a little here and there makes a big difference to me.
  • Organizing the day so I can take time to chop fresh vegetables and cook us a nice meal.
  • Stealing away for a few minutes to read.
  • Bringing order to my desk.
  • Take a minute to breathe in the delicate, sweet scent of the Pink Jasmine in bloom.
  • Pausing to feast my eyes on the beauty of hand made pots found at a great discount. The beauty reminds me of the fun of taking a pottery class with my husband. The colors lighten my mood.
  • Appreciating the strength of my husband’s hands and being thankful for him.

These little things take just a minute or two but it helps lighten my mood when I feel weighed down with the craziness of busy. I am reminded there is more to life than the doing and there is beauty and joyful moments all around to be embraced even when I feel I am pressed for time. Let these moments wash over and refresh you for all they are worth. They do add up. I also encourage you to plan for longer periods of time for rest, but when the day is busy, seize the moments. Pause, breathe and look around. What do you see, hear, smell, feel and taste. I would love to hear about the moments you experienced this week.

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